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No paste! No mess! Peel & Stick is Here to Stay

Say goodbye to your mom's wallpaper and say hello to the newly evolved formulation of modern-day wallpaper products. The new peel and stick technology makes it easy to apply, is repositionable, and is easily removeable without hassle.

Oh! Did we mention that our inks are eco-friendly?

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Choose which substrate is right for you

Smooth matte finish works great for most types of smooth painted walls.

Preferred for most walls/crafts

Smooth matte finish is ideal for wall of smooth painted interior walls, including most flat, semigloss and gloss paint finishes.

The adhesive is also suitable for glass, tile, OEM painted metal, and sealed concrete, and most low surface energy surfaces.

Give your walls a high-end look and feel with textured wallpaper.

Matte finish wall fabric similar to the feel of canvas

It has a special coating to enhance opacity and provide superior hiding and cover for underlying paint and graphics in wall applications.

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